Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine's day gift guide - installment 1

Happy Friday everyone! I hope all of you had a good week, and have exciting plans for the weekend. I plan to update the blog a bit over the weekend, get some organizing done at home, and tend to what I think is going to become a nasty cold. 

Can you believe that January is almost over, and Valentine's day is just a few weeks away?!? Have you started thinking about what to get for your Valentine this year? For the most part, February 14 is just like any another day at the Sunshine household. We may wish each other in the morning, and maybe do something special for dinner (depending on what day of the week it is), but we don't normally exchange gifts. Of course, it doesn't help that my birthday falls almost a week before Valentine's day. But that doesn't mean that I can't share with you some things that I think would make for a great gift for your Valentine or any other day of the year. In fact, I think that the best gifts are those that are given without any rhyme or reason. Of course, don't forget to wrap the gifts in pretty paper!

So here is installment number of the Sunshine Valentine's day gift guide.

Have a Sunshiny weekend!
Ms. Sunshine

1. 'A Perfect Match' silkscreen print by Tom Frost from Soma, 2. Je t'aime print by Andrei D. Robu, 3. A Confetti of Love print by Woop Studios4. You are my greatest adventure by GusandLula, 5.  Valentine's endless linocut print by Zoe Badger

And some more prints:

1Flock print by Naomi Murrell2. The Beatles print by Sarah Winter3. YOU & ME Venn Diagram by YellowHeartArt, 4. You're My Favorite Work of Art by LoveSugar, 5. You are my universe screenprint by Rob Ryan

1. Teapot and tea cup necklace by  Ridley and Dowse2. Heart cup and saucer set from Patina3. Poppy Meadow Teapot by Orla Kiely4: Almedahls Du and Jag (you and I) Tea Towel from Huset5. Tea Bags - Cup of Fame by rawspace6. Tea cup art by Handz

1. Happily ever after pillow by alexandraferguson, 2. Born to live together by thegretest3. Custom Notebook Paper Pillow by designlab443, 4. I like you pillow by Karin Akesson5. Heart needlepoint pillow by Jonathan Adler, 6. Alexander Girard love pillow from allmodern,  7. You and Me Venn Diagram Pillow by diffractionfiber, 8. Yes / No Pillow by showpony 

1. Intensely Chocolate by Carole Bloom2. Heart ramekin by LeCruset3. Stand mixer by KitchenAid. It's red!!, 4. Julia Child Kitchen Print by TexturedInk5. Love bird bowl by princedesignuk6. Dishcloth from house88107. Measure Your Love Cup from FredFlare8. Rob Ryan Four Seasons Plates from designlifeshop9. Love plate by Ninainvorm

Credits: Washi tape from puglypixel


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