Monday, January 02, 2012


Pictures from our trip to Lysefjord. We collectively took hundreds of pictures, and sort of lost track of who took what picture. Pictures were taken by the very talented Ramnath Bhat and Vijendra Bhat. There are a few pictures by Mr. Sunshine as well. 

Possibly the prettiest sight of our trip

Entrance to the fjord

Homes overlooking the fjord

A lone cabin

Light house

The sun shining through the clouds

We got lucky with the weather

Vagabond's cave or Fantahålå 

Vagabond's cave or Fantahålå 

If you see carefully, you'll see a doll hanging way up on the cliff. 

Snow-capped mountains

More snow capped mountains

Water fall

Pulpit rock


More waterfalls

The boat guy/ tour operator stuck out a bucket under the waterfall and collected the water. We then got to toast with it and drink it

Pretty sky

Sunset from the Television tower


  1. I have done the same "cruise" em july and it was also the first time of my husband(norwegian guy that doesnt know anywhere here, lol)!
    Its a really nice trip and the nature provides us lots of amazing pictures!

  2. We enjoyed the pictures and the details!! Keep it up. We are sure you would get the permit soon. dad.