Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things that make me happy - color coded books on a shelf

Have you seen this video yet? If you love books, and reading, and if you like me prefer reading a real book (preferably curled up on your couch, with a hot cup of tea/coffee and some good music) instead of reading it on a Kindle or an iPad, you will love this video. I promise :-)

Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife (I could not find her name anywhere) re-organized and animated a Toronto based bookstore, the awesomely named, Type. And this is the result:

The duo did a similar project for their home. Don't you just love the way that they organized the books by color? Have you ever tried stacking your books/ clothes/ knick knacks by color or other criteria? 

Because I am silly, and because I like to procrastinate on important stuff (like for example, writing my dissertation), everything in my closet and on my book shelf is color coordinated most of the times. True story: one time, while avoiding studying for my comprehensive exams, I tried to coordinate hangers with the color of my clothes. I can't say I succeeded, because, well, Target only stocks so many colors in clothes hangers. Though for a short while I did entertain the idea of painting the hangers to match the clothes. Thankfully, I was a poor graduate student and better sense (and a very small bank account) prevailed.

This is what we did to our books in our new place. If you see, the last shelf is not color coded. By the time, I got to this shelf, I was out of patience. One of these days, when I need to avoid work, and need something to procrastinate on, I will tackle the last shelf.

Credits: I found the video via the Facebook feed of a friend (GK). The tape strips used in the first picture is from the very talented Katrina of puglypixel. You can find this, and many other blog lovelies here.


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