Why do you call yourself the Sunshine family? Is it your real name? Do you have a real name?

Yes, we have real names, but not as awesome as Sunshine! 

Why do you call yourself no-so-newly-wed?

Long story cut short, Mr. Sunshine and I have had a long distance relationship, courtship and marriage for many long years (not fun!). Finally, last year we started co-habitating for the first time since we met. Every day, for the past year, I have woken up feeling like a newly wed. Each day is a new adventure and we are learning so much about each other! I would not trade it for anything else in the world :-)

What does the blog title mean? What language is it from?

The blog title comes from a hindi song of the same title from a Bollywood movie called Saath Saath (Together). The title literally means "this is your home, this is my home". Two lines from this song are my favorite and encompasses everything I (we) feel about our home: 

Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar  
This is your home, this is my home
Yeh ghar tumhara khwaab hai, yeh ghar meri umang hai
This home is your dream, this home is my happiness

Here is the song featuring two of my favorite actors - Deepti Naval (she is gorgeous!) and Farookh Sheikh.

Ms. Sunshine