Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Weekend!

How has your weekend been? Are you doing anything fun? I have had a lazy weekend so far. Mr. Sunshine is skiing with his work friends, as I write this, and I have had the house to myself. It feels odd to be all by myself on a weekend, but I am kind of liking it ;-)  I caught up on emails, did some work, and worked on the blog. Speaking of which,  have you noticed something different with the blog? We have a new header!! It took me forever to design it - even though I got all the lovely clip art from puglypixel. I have never done this before, so there was a lot of trial and error. And if you stopped by the blog in the past couple of days, you would have notice a few quirky things. Yes, that was me playing around with html and other fancy things (that I don't fully understand, yet). 

I really like how the header turned out, though in the future (when I have better image editing skills) I will tweak it a little more. For now, I think I will keep it as it is. What do you think about it? 

We also now have a Facebook presence - you can like our blog page by clicking on the Like us on Facebook badge on the bottom right hand side of the page. The badge was also made using puglypixel's amazing clip art. I will try to post additional lovely and fun things on the Facebook page. 

Till then, I hope all of you have a lovely, restful, adventurous, and a sunshiny weekend! I am off to take a walk and enjoy a nice day.

Ms. Sunshine

PS: This picture has been making the rounds on the Internet. I can't verify if it is actually a Milwaukee Public Library billboard. I am a big fan of smart advertising and marketing, and I think this is a good example of it. It certainly made me smile. I think I will take a book, and sit by the lake and read it :-). Via Artful Transformations via Reddit


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