About our house of Sunshine

We are(not-so) newly weds who have recently started cohabiting after years of long distance dating and marriage. This blog chronicles our (Mostly Mr. Sunshine's) adventures in the kitchen and (Ms. Sunshine's) attempts at DIY crafts, fashion, origami and home decorating. This is also going to be our platform to share all things we find interesting, creative, lovely, covet-able, inspirational and yummy. You will occasionally find my (Ms. Sunshine's) rants on the academic job market, and my struggle to prioritize and balance my family life with my academic and professional life. We may also blog about our travels, about international and Indian politics, religion, feminism, books, movies, TV series and music. We hope you can share this fun journey with us.

E.T.A (September 19, 2011): We are moving to Norway! Mr. Sunshine recently accepted an offer to join a small start-up there, so we are packing up and moving all our belongings in the world to Stavanger in a few weeks. We will now also be blogging about our upcoming Norwegian adventure. Funny how in April I was dreaming about moving to Scandinavia, and now we are! Maybe wishes do come true :-)