Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sunshine Household this Week

This week we are:  

Reading: Brown Cheese Please by Jenny Blake, a wonderful book on Norway, and the Norwegian (also known as "Weegie" according to the book) culture. I randomly saw the book in the store among a sea of Norwegian language books, and was immediately hooked! So I brought the book back as a birthday gift for Mr. Sunshine. I don't know how much of the book is accurate - I asked the cashier at the bookstore what he thought of the book, him being Norwegian and all, but he didn't have much to say - so I'd be curious to find out how much the Norwegians agree with what is in the book (the author, I later found out is Australian who lived in Norway). Some things though are spot on. The title for instance, speaks to the incredible passion Norwegians seem to have for Brunost (or brown cheese), a creamy, caramelized, mild and sweet flavored cheese that I seem to see everywhere. Apparently its an acquired taste - I like it a lot, and Mr. Sunshine doesn't care much for it. 

Watching (TV Series): The Wire.

Eating: Brunost, of course. And lots of plum tomatos (tomatoes taste incredibly good here). Simple, home-cooked meals. 

Drinking: Solo

Doing: Exploring the town. Grocery shopping. Our local grocery store, Coop, is in a swanky mall! Mr. Sunshine also did some fun team building stuff with his colleagues.

Listening: To the pitter patter of rain. It rains non-stop here!


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