Friday, October 21, 2011

We have a home!

A little bit of sunshine on a rainy day!
A view of the mountains from our temporary apartment

Apologies for the radio silence over here on the blog. I have no excuse except that I have been lazy. The non-stop rain hasn't been of any help either. I need to get used to dark skies, cold winds, and soak-in-to-your-bones-rain soon! I can't be blaming my inability to be productive on the rain for much longer. 

Things were slightly crazy early this week. We had been extending out hotel reservations by the week in the hopes of finding a place soon. Unfortunately, the place we really liked wasn't available until mid-November, so this Monday we tried to extend our reservation for a few more weeks and found out that we couldn't. Turns out that Stavanger was hosting a massive oil and gas conference - the OTD (Offshore Technology Days) - on Wednesday and Thursday and every hotel room in the city was booked for the two days. People were even renting out their apartments to conference attendees. So for a few hours on Monday, it seemed like we, and our 7 + bags would be homeless for Wednesday night! A few panicked phone calls and a sleepless (for me. Mr. Sunshine was his usual zen self) night later we found this really nice hotel apartment for a month. We moved in on Wednesday. The best part of being in an apartment, even though it's temporary, other than not being homeless? Being able to cook a hot meal. It is amazing that even though we love eating out and trying out new restaurants, eating out everyday for more than four weeks got old very soon. 

Also, in other news, we have a place we will call home from November 15! We signed the lease on Wednesday. I can't wait to move in and start decorating it. I'll have pictures up as soon as we move in. You know what this means? All y'all can come see us soon!!!

Ms. Sunshine


  1. Hi Ms. Sunshine,
    Looks like you are having quite an adventure. Thanks for your very generous and open invitation to visit you, who knows who all will completely disappoint you by actually showing up!
    On my end, I completed my half marathon race last week and it went very well. Thank you for showing your support with your donation towards my cause.
    I wish for you that the rain stops and lets you get out for some fun so that we can all enjoy some great pictures from your outdoor adventures.
    Have fun !

  2. :-) silly, G. I'll be jumping with joy if you show up. It has been too long! Come, see us soon!

    I saw pictures of the maraton - what a wonderful way to serve a noble cause! So proud of you!!