Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Sunshine Household this Week

This week we are: 

Reading: Sweet Paul. This is one of the prettiest magazine on the WWW.
Watching (TV Series): Up All Night. I think I might have a tiny crush on Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. 
Watching (Movies): Blitz. Ugh! 
Eating: The Santa Monica from Pink's Pizza, Seafood from the Boiling Crab (yummmm!), homemade food at our friends' homes (we do have the bestest friends!)
Drinking: H2O 
Doing: Packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, running around Houston tying loose ends like chickens with their heads cut off

1 comment:

  1. Hey your blog and I'm so excited for the two of you!! I can imagine the amount of running around that you guys must be doing..its crazy moving out of a house..and here you guys are moving out of the country!! wow..wish you both a great journey to the next destination!! and happy moving out & into your new home! take care