Thursday, October 06, 2011

We are in Stavanger, Norway!

We reached Stavanger yesterday at noon (5 AM C.S.T) and promptly checked in to the tiniest hotel room ever. The room is even made smaller with the thousands of bags we have (we actually have 11 bags, including our backpacks, but it feels like a thousand). I hope we find a place soon.
The flights from Houston to Stavanger were pretty uneventful, except for an fire alarm incident at Newark airport. It went off for about 15 minutes, and no one seemed to care. I wonder what the fire evacuation plans are for security sensitive areas like airports. Oslo was a short trip and the customs and immigration was a breeze. All of it - from the de-planing to security for our connecting flight - took exactly 20 minutes, and we didn't even have to take off our shoes!

We haven't seen much of Stavanger. We did take a short walk along the sea side last night to get dinner. Stavanger seems to have a lot of restaurants, at least in the areas close to the hotel, which is good for us because we like to eat out a lot. Last night's dinner, however, gave us a sticker shock - we paid about 300 NOK or about $50 for a meal of two coffees and cold wraps. We were kind of expecting it, but I still felt guilty for spending all that money. It will take me a while to get used to the prices here, just like it did when I moved to the US from India.

We had dinner at a coffeeshop called OsteHuset, which apparently means the cheese house in Norwegian. The food itself wasn't very impressive, but the restaurant was really unostentatiously pretty. There were lots of candles and huge vases filled with apples as table centerpieces. The place also seem to sell knick knacks like vases, (from what I could see decor) books, and scarves and wicker baskets. If all coffeeshops and restaurants are like the OsteHuset, I think I will be very happy in Norway.

It has been raining non-stop since we got here, and I am already kind of missing the sunshine in Houston :-/


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