Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It is almost calendar time!

How is it November already? It seems like it was January 1st just yesterday! 

I have a lot of plans for 2012, one of which is to start the tradition of getting a calendar for the new year. Growing up, my grandmothers would send us Hindu calendars (one in Hindi and one in Marathi) at the beginning of each year, a tradition nani (my maternal grandmother) still keeps up. I haven't bought a calendar in years, and I think 2012 is the year for me to start. 

Since we are both non-religious, the Hindu calendar is not for us. I want something that can be doubled up as art - what is the point of a calendar if you have to hide it? Remember how everyone used to hang up their calendars behind doors? 

There are so many pretty calendars around that I am having a difficult time making up my mind. So inspired by a few of my favorite blogs: decor8, papercrave, ohsobeautifulpaper here is a round up of some of the calendars that I am currently obsessing over. I might just have to buy a few of these - one for each room in our new place. I wonder what Mr. Sunshine will have to say about that.

ETA: I might have to do a series of calendar round ups - there are way too many pretty ones out there for just one post.

Geometric calendar by Pawling

Modern pattern calendar by monkeymindesign

Geometric Shape calendar by ArtisEverything 

Graphic calendar by snug

Year of the Type calendar by twotrickpony via ohsobeautifulpaper

Cross stitch calendar by pistachiopress

Colorful ribbon style calendar by vanhoosedesign

Colorful calendar by khristianahowell 

Moon Calendar by Marginsedition

Cut out numbers calendar by Present and Correct

2012 calender by esla

Custom date calendar by spreadthelove. Also, best year ever calendar. This one is on the top of my list!

Rain boots calendar by InkspotWorkshop

Colorful illustrations calendar by SamOssie

And there have to be some birds on this list. 

 Birds of a feather calendar by joliejoliedesign via ohsobeautifulpaper

Funny birds calendar by ModernPOP

Owl calendar by Gingiber

Peacock art print calendar by Smock

Little Colorful Peacock calendar by Etsy seller dekanimal

I have been on a tea towel kick lately. The idea of having a pretty fabric to dry my dishes makes me happy, and combine a calendar with a tea towel, and I am in pretty things heaven! Here are some of my favorite tea towel/ linen calendars.

Bicycle calendar by lisaruppdesign

Vintage inspired linen calendar by  midmoderngoods

Tea towel calendar by twobrunettes

Tea towel calendar by lillastudio

                            Linen calendar by  bookhouathome

  Pasta shape tea towel calendar and the  knitter's calendar by KatherineCodega

Tea towel calendar by cicadastudio

I am such a big fan of repurposing goods, especially pretty paper products.

Wrapping paper calendar by VictoryPaperDesignsWhat a fun calendar! Use this calendar for the year and then use it to wrap goodies at the end of the year

Postcard calendar by epetitelefant.
Each calendar page has a postcard that can be detached and mailed to family and friends

I have a thing for perpetual calendars. Why buy a new calendar every year when you can have one pretty one!

Waterspouts and Chimney Tops Perpetual calendar from uponafold

The pose temps perpetual calendar by Papier Tigre

1960s wall calendar and 1960s block calendar by Present and Correct 

Love and Life calendar by BrigadaCreative


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