Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This and that

Around and about in Stavanger

Outside an art gallery. 

Also outside the same art gallery

Jelly fish

Sculpture in Stavanger Sentrum

Cars can climb up walls here!

One of the many stores in Stavanger Sentrum

A view of one of the Islands surrounding Stavanger. Hundvag

Candies :) at a food fair in Stavanger Sentrum 

China from the UK


The Tananger Marina

View of Tananger from the Marina

If look hard enough, you'll find a lighthouse in the picture

Stavanger Stadium

Near the Stadion

Clothes line

Gamle Stavanger (Old Stavanger)

The Norwegian Canning Museum

View of Stavanger Sentrum from Gamle Stavanger

One of the many streets in Stavanger Sentrum

Colorful buildings

This made me giggle!

A skateboard store


Hot chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

The Chocolate Girl

Book and Booze 

We have seen this at a number of places in Stavanger. We still have to find out what it means.

Foggy day


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