Thursday, December 15, 2011

Around and about Stavanger

The harbor the before it started snowinga
Christmas decorations

View of the harbor from one of the streets in Stavanger Sentrum

Christmas lights on a tree in the middle of the lake

The love tree

Gingerbread houses at the Aftenblad building

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread castle. I would love to live in one

I can't believe this is all edible

Sugar window panes

Winter wonderland

So pretty

Ginger bread greenhouse

Yummy Eiffel tower

Yes. They protest here too. The sign (I think) says "Stop the Islamization of Norway" 

The counter protest. Their signs say "Stop the hating of muslims" Most of these protesters were young

This one is for our dear friend L. Come visit us - there is a chocolate store full of these!

The view from our bedroom

At our first Julebord - Christmas dinner at Mr. Sunshine's office

So pretty!

We took our first train ride to Ergesund to a Christmas market. I was so excited. Unfortunately, it rained the whole time we were there (surprise, surprise) and we couldn't take a lot of pictures

At the Christmas market

The glogg stall at the Christmas market 

Our holiday cards, stamped and ready to be mailed

Christmas carolers in front of the cathedral


  1. Hi Aparna,
    Just came to your blog and read all your older posts. Really enjoyed it. Had no idea you had moved to Norway. Hope you're settling down well and enjoying the new place...

    Looking forward to reading more about the adventures and experiences.

  2. Interesting blogging Aparna! Fun to hear and see Norway through your eyes!

  3. All lovely pictures, Aparna. It is interesting to read your blog. We regularly see it. Dad, Mom.