Friday, September 23, 2011


I came across this quote by a John Howard (not sure if it's the bicyclist or the Australian PM, though I would think it would be the cyclist) while ago, and it made me giggle - "The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine". Mr. Sunshine and I bought shiny new bikes a few months ago with plans to bike around town (as much as it is possible in a concrete city like Houston). We took them out once and then when we got news about Mr. Sunshine's jobs, the poor bikes were the first things we put for sale. So much so for our grand plans. Hopefully, we'll be able to bike around in Stavanger, though I am not too keen on biking when it snows or rains. We shall have to see. Until then, I can always dream about the perfect yellow bike, with a black and white polka dotted bell that I have always wanted :-)

Here are some of my favorite bike related things:

Row one, from left to right:
Image1Yellow bike from CB2. It is so cheery! I wish they had one for women too.
Image2Handmade bike shelf by Etsy seller UrbanCityBikeShelves
Image3Bike bell from Etsy seller dringdring

Row two, from left to right:
Image1Water bottle from Modcloth
Image 3Write a bike by Juri Zaech. Someone needs to start manufacturing these, NOW!

Row one, from left to right:
Image 1Tandem bike print by Etsy Seller thedreamygiraffe
Image 2Bike type print by Etsy seller annasee

Row two, from left to right:
Image 1Bike print by Blanca Gomez from Poster Cabaret. Also by Blanca Gomezthis pretty print
Image 2Recycle print by Etsy seller ilovedoodle

Row one, from left to right:
Image 1Bike booties (So cute!) by Etsy seller GrowingUpWild
Image 2Bicycle messenger bag by Etsy seller happyfamily
Image 3Bike brooch by Howkapow

Row two, from left to right
Image 1Color wheel tee from Threadless, designed by Ross Zietz   
Image 3Bike onesie by sweetpeanut from Poppy Clementine

Row one, from left to right:
Image 1Cyclepedia: A Century of Iconic Bicycle Design by Michael Embacher and Paul Smith
Image 2Retro bike notecards by Inkspotworkshop. Found via papercrave

Row two, from left to right:
Image 1Bike journal by Etsy seller alittlelark
Image 2Bike Snob by Christopher Koelle
Image 3Paper bike model from uponafold. They have the best paper products!

Have a sunshiny weekend!


Ms. Sunshine


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