Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Welcome to our house of sunshine! Mr. Sunshine and I are kind-of-newly weds who have recently discovered the joy of DIY, design and home decorating. Because we rent, our DIY attempts have been restricted to minor things like making mattes for pictures and finding creative ways to art-up our lovely 1930s duplex apartment. I have a new found appreciation for all things paper, and all art Scandinavian. I wish we could move to Scandinavia - people there are so stylish! Plus you can't argue with their awesome parental leave laws either.

While neither Mr. Sunshine nor I have any background in design or art - he is an engineer and I am an on-the-job-market social scientist - we enjoy learning about different forms of art, working with our hands and making beautiful things. We aren't very good at it, but we try. This blog is an attempt to chronicle our adventures as we find our way through the arts and crafts and culinary world.

We will have failures and we will have successes and we hope you will be there in our good times and bad. 

Have a sunshiny day!
Ms. Sunshine


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